I didn't have much going on last Saturday, so I decided to make an infographic using InDesign. I wanted to look at which Major League Soccer (MLS) teams were dominating Twitter. Twitter follower counts are an interesting gauge of fan interest, interaction and fan base strength.

As it turns out, there were massive differences between the top teams in MLS and the worst teams. Successful teams like the L.A. Galaxy — which has won a record five MLS Cup titles — has the strongest social media presence of them all, with close to 200,000 followers. On the other end of the spectrum is the Colorado Rapids, which has less than 40,000.

Overall it was just fun to work with the data and visualize trends. The league average for Twitter followers was around 90,000. About half the league has broken the 100,000 follower mark.

I posted the infographic to the MLS subreddit, /r/MLS, where it started an interesting conversation and generated close to 90 comments. World Soccer Talk, a popular soccer website, also tweeted it out.

I had a great time making the graphic, and hope to make more in the future. Let me know what you think, and see what trends you can find!